Q&A: What Software Do You Use?

Question: “What software do you use to create your music?”

The answer is Avid Sibelius First. As of today’s date (03-23-2017), I use version 7, though I believe that newer versions are available.



  • GREAT VALUE. Sibelius First includes all of the necessary functions for creating high quality piano sheet music—at an affordable price! Yes, Sibelius First lacks some of the features of its more robust cousin (simply titled Sibelius), but most of those features are primarily for complex orchestra arrangements. For my purposes, Sibelius First offers the greatest value!
  • MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS. There are a number of payment options available to Sibelius customers. First, a free 30-day trial is available for download so that you can test out the program and determine whether or not you like it. I highly recommend tinkering with the free trial before your purchase. Then, you can choose between a perpetual license (which can be upgraded at a reduced price as newer versions are released), or a monthly or annual subscription. Select the option that best suits your needs!
  • PLAYBACK VIDEO. Sibelius First offers the ability to turn your sheet music into a 1080p high definition playback video, which allows viewers to listen to the music while a playback line follows the notes. Then, you can share your videos across the Internet! Older versions of Sibelius First did not include this feature, so I was particularly excited when it was released.
  • EXPORT AUDIO. Newer versions of  Sibelius First allow you to export your sheet music as an MP3 audio file. These files sound wonderfully realistic with Sibelius First’s 36 GB of professional instrumentation.
  • IMPORT GRAPHICS. Why not add graphics to your sheet music to give it an added sense of flair? This is an especially great feature for creating playback videos.
  • CONNECT TO MIDI INSTRUMENTS. If you own the proper equipment, you can connect your electronic instruments to Sibelius First. With Neuratron AudioScore Lite—included with your Sibelius purchase—you can input notes directly into Sibelius First by singing or playing an electronic instrument.
  • SCAN SHEET MUSIC. Is there a piece of sheet music that you want to hear as you practice it? Or perhaps you might like to alter that sheet music? With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite—included with your Sibelius purchase—you can scan printed music and send to Sibelius First for playback, transposing, and editing.

For a complete list of features, visit http://www.avid.com/sibelius/features.

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