Commentary: Eternity’s Moment


In 2013, I heard a lot of buzz about an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game titled Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies, from renowned game publisher Square Enix. Previews described the game as a promising RPG with a robust job system. I am a fan of the RPG genre, so I was happy to pick up the game upon its North American release.

The game is very intriguing, so I found myself engrossed in it. The first half of the game tells an excellent story and allows you to steadily progress as you unlock new jobs. The ability to mix and match jobs and sub-jobs adds further strategy and customization. Plus, the character Ringabel particularly stands out as a fun addition to the cast.

For me, though, the game’s most defining feature is its beautiful soundtrack. It was composed by Revo, lead member of the Japanese fantasy band Sound Horizon. Truly, the soundtrack has a unique sound to it, utilizing a number of different instruments.

While there are many tracks from that game that I love, I became particularly attached to Eternity’s Moment, the short, simple song that plays on the menu screen. It is charming, but also mysterious in its tone.

Arranging the song for piano was actually a quick process, because it is not a particularly complex composition. I was able to pick it out by ear, practice it, and play it by memory in a matter of days.

Care to listen to the arrangement? Just click this link:

Notable YouTube Comments:

“An excellent arrangement of the song, and the most accurate one I’ve seen so far.”

“I just pulled out my 3DS to compare your arrangement to the one in the game and I was astounded by how spot on you are. Plus, piano is just one of the most beautiful instruments. If I could play, I would definitely be interested in learning your arrangement!”


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