Q&A: What Do You Consider to be Your Greatest Achievement?

Question: “What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?”

At the time of this post (03-25-2017), there are a few song candidates that I would consider worthy of the title of “greatest achievement.”

In general, any project for which I have no reference is a great achievement in my mind. If I am able to find existing sheet music on the Internet, it provides a huge jump-start to my process and cuts down the work time drastically. However, it is somewhat less rewarding; it is like the difference between using a template and creating something from scratch. Let me tell you—a lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into arranging a song from scratch!

Therefore, I find that my greatest achievements are the songs that I figured out solely by listening to them over and over, tinkering with them on the keyboard, and meticulously mapping them out in Sibelius First. At the moment, these are Cats on Mars, Jinsei ni wa Ai to Kanade to, Koukai to (coming soon), and a piano four hands duet from a certain Game Boy Advance game. One of these days, I will post that duet, but for now, it’s not quite ready!


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